Quotes-Information needed

    • Please note we only offer Annual Food Event
       once a year May 15th 2022
    • Email me
    • how many guest are attending (We require a Minimum guarantee of 100 guests)
    • location venue or  Traverse?…….
    • (Venues have certain catering requirements)
    • Menu and type of service?
    • Phone number


You will receive price quote within 24 hours.

***Please note we only provide bar tenders with service packages or china service***

If you are interested in securing your event a $600.00 Non-Refundable Deposit will be required in order to secure the date. Deposits are deducted off final billing. Please note…Will need to review confirmation letter…make sure you have the correct menus and services.

Final guest count and payment in full are due 14 days prior to the event.

We accept personal checks, PayPal,Venmo for credit card transactions, No additional charges to client.

Larry Burdek
Chef’s Pride Catering Inc.
Traverse City, Michigan
Phone (231) 943-9683