Appetizers Menu

***Appetizers are only offered after you have secured an event package….we only offer appetizers after you have booked Chefs Pride for your event…

*recommend two displays during appetizer hour guest will enjoy it…plenty to eat

$2.00 per guest 1 choice
Pita wedges with red pepper hummus
Assorted fresh fruit display
Domestic cheese and cracker display
Vegetable display with pesto dip
Spinach artichoke olive dip served with Rye bread

$3.00 per guest 1 choice
Cheese garlic bread, Greek bread with pesto
Hot artichoke and spinach dip served with toasted pita wedges

$3.00 per guest 1 choice
BBQ meatballs 3 per guest
German meatballs 3 per guest
Italian meatballs 3 per guest
Swedish meatballs 3 per guest

$3.00 per guest 1 choice
Jerk chicken skews 2 per guest
Teriyaki chicken skews with peanut sauce 2 per guest

$4.00 per guest 1 choice
Hot crab dip and crackers
Smoked whitefish dip with crackers

$6.00 per guest Antipasto Platter
Genoa salami, pepperoni, fresh mozzarella, smoked cheddar, marinated artichoke hearts
black and green kalamata olives, roasted red pepper, pepperoncini, sliced tomato, toasted pita wedges

$8.00 per guest Charcuterie Board
Rosemary bread triangles, parmesan toast rounds, crackers, cheeseball, pesto, finocchiona, calabrese salami, Castelvetrano olives, Kalamata Olives, cherry tomato mozzarella salad , smoked cheddar, brie, parmesan, grapes

$6.00 per guest Shrimp display
3 shrimp per guest size 20 shrimp per pound
lemons and cocktail sauce

$6.00 per guest Served on silver trays
Grilled cheese sandwich (cut in ¼ )
Tomato soup shooter

Silver tray passed appetizers 100 identical pieces priced per guest

$1.50 per guest 100 identical pieces 1 choice
B.L.T. stuffed tomatoes
Cherry tomatoes with pesto cream cheese
Cucumber wheels
Deviled eggs-with dill

$2.00 per guest 100 identical pieces 1 choice
Crab stuffed mushroom caps
Cucumber boats garnished with brie and asparagus
Red cabbage and raisins served on apple wedge
Spinach and feta puffs
Ham roll-ups

$2.50 per guest 100 identical pieces 1 choice
Artichoke and spinach canapés
Hazelnut, fruit phyllo purses
Sausage and cheese roll puffs
White fish mousse canapés

$3.00 per guest 100 identical pieces 1 choice
Asparagus crepes
Mango chutney quesadillas
Phyllo triangle filled with chicken and walnuts
Seasoned garlic shrimp
Shrimp and feta purses
Smoked turkey and mushrooms wrapped in phyllo
Spanakopita bits