Types of Services Available

Types of services available:

Buffet on high quality paper goods.

• Will arrive one hour before set serving time.

• Will restock and maintain the buffet during serving time.

• A half-hour after last guest has gone through the buffet we will leave you the left-overs in foam containers and depart.

 ***Please note we only provide bar tenders with service packages or china service***

Service packages to buffets on high quality paper goods and appetizer parties

• Will include waitstaff,bartending,cleanup needs.

• Additional services as described on the menus.

• We have found that these packages make it easy for the client to enjoy their event hassle free.

(Zero Waste Events) This company does a great Job!
Bay Area Recycling for Charities, Inc

China service

• China service includes quality silverware, glassware, and china with the service and staffing that makes your event completely hassle free.

Larry Burdek
Chef’s Pride Catering Inc.
Traverse City, Michigan
Phone (231) 943-9683