Types of Services Available

Types of services available:

Buffet on high quality paper goods.

• Will arrive one hour before set serving time.

• Will restock and maintain the buffet during serving time.

• A half-hour after last guest has gone through the buffet we will leave you the left-overs in foam containers and depart.

 ***Please note we only provide bar tenders with service upgrade packages or china service***

Service upgrades to buffets on high quality paper goods and appetizer parties

• Will include all your staffing needs.

• Additional services as described on the menus.

• We have found that these packages make it easy for the client to enjoy their event hassle free.

China service

• China service includes quality silverware, glassware, and china with the service and staffing that makes your event completely hassle free.

(Zero Waste Events) This company does a great Job!
Bay Area Recycling for Charities, Inc

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